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Walnuts - The Royal Nut

Walnuts, the oldest tree food known to man are believed to have come from ancient Persia and were traded between Asia, the Middle East, and far off lands, making the Walnut one of the most popular nuts in the world.

Today, California Walnut Handlers continue to be very successful with the sales and marketing of the English Walnut. The California Nut Trade continues to process and produce the Top Quality Walnut for the world.

Harvesting begins in late August and continues until late November of each year. Each year many varieties of walnuts are grown in California. Only six account for over 75 percent of the total production: Hartley, Chandler, Serr, Vina, Franquette and Howard.

Shelled Walnuts Packaging Options

  • As a general rule, pieces and halves are available in 25 lb. corrugated boxes with or without poly-lined bags.
  • Smaller kernel sizes are usually available in 30 lb. boxes.
  • Suppliers also ship in 1,000 to 2,000 lb. containers, #10 tins, and other industrial sizes.

Inshell Walnuts - From the orchard to your table

According to USDA standards "inshell walnuts" are processed in several sizes:

  • Jumbo
  • Large
  • Medium

* Inshell walnuts are packaged in 50 lb. poly bags.


Walnuts should be stored in low moisture (55 - 65% relative humidity) and low temperature (32° - 28° F or 0° - 3.3° C) conditions. Keep walnuts away from excessive heat, moisture, light, and odors to ensure maximum shelf life and freshness.


The World's Healthiest Foods

California Walnut Board

Health Benefits of Walnuts

USDA (United States Standards for Grades of Walnuts in the Shell)

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