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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

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Our Story

Debbie Roy Brokerage Company is a manufacturer’s representative and full-service broker for nut and dried fruit industries.  Our experienced staff boasts the ability to offer excellent customer service and expertise to help our clients remain competitive in the ever-changing industry.

Debbie Roy Brokerage Co., Inc. is a sourcing specialist of tree nut commodities, dried fruits, seeds, and confectionary delicacies.  We represent manufacturers from across the globe to market consistent and superior quality products while securing various commodities, at competitive pricing, for both national and international clients.  Our sales range from pallet size orders to truck load volumes and are confirmed for a spot purchase or a contracted basis.  We negotiate and maintain all business from the confirmation date until the final pound of product is delivered and accepted.  At Debbie Roy Brokerage Co., Inc. we pride ourselves with strong trade values, integrity, and market knowledge, enabling us to provide a matchless service to our clients that is second to none.  

We are experiencing exciting times at Debbie Roy Brokerage Company as our business continues to grow through our existing principal base and the addition of special marketing strategies in building relationships that bring the buyer and seller together which helps to expand business opportunities.