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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

California Almonds

Almonds are believed to have originated in China and Central Asia centuries ago. In the mid-1700s, the almond tree was brought to California by the Franciscan Padres as a blessing to their mission.  Today, California almonds are processed and manufactured to meet the world wide demand and sophisticated global markets.



Debbie Roy Brokerage Company, Inc. offers a complete line of almonds including natural, blanched, whole, and manufactured almonds.  Our California almond principals can produce a customized product to meet the industrial end-user buyers specification.  We also offer dry roasted almonds. Almonds can be roasted whole or can be diced to buyer specification.



  • Whole natural, blanched whole, whole & broken - Net weight 50 lbs./Approximate gross weight 51.65 lbs.
  • Whole natural, blanched whole - Net weight 25 lbs./ Approximate gross weight 26.15 lbs.
  • Diced, slivered, splits, and flours - Net weight 25 lbs./ Approximate Gross weight 26.54 lbs.
  • Sliced products - Net weight 25 lbs./ Approximate gross weight 26.40 lbs.


  • Inshell bags - Net weight 50 lbs./ Approximate gross weight 51.65 lbs.


Stored in an airtight container, freezer, or refrigerator, whole natural almonds have a shelf life of up to two years. Processed forms of almonds can be stored for one year in these conditions.

Four Major Almond Varieties

USDA Almond Grades

Almond Portfolio


Almond Board of California

USDA (United States Standards for Grades of Shelled Almonds)

USDA (United States Standards for Grades of Almonds in the Shell)