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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

Dried Fruits Portfolio

Debbie Roy Brokerage Company, Inc. markets a wide variety of delicious, healthful Premium Quality Dried and Glacé Fruits. 

Apricots - Varieties: Diced, Industrial, Organic, Sizes #1 - #8

Banana Chips - Varieties: Sweetened or Unsweetened


Dry Cranberries

Dates - Varieties: Aseel, BJ, Deglet Noor, Diced, Pitted, Sayer, Turbat, Whole, Medjool, Zahidi

Mixed Dried Fruit

Papaya - Various Grades: Chunks, Diced, Spears

Peaches - Various Grades: Jumbo, Extra Fancy, Fancy, Extra Choice, Choice

Pineapple - Various Grades: Diced, Rings, Tidbits

Prunes - Varieties: Ashlock Pitted, ,Elliott Pitted, Whole with Pitts

Raisins - Varieties: Flames, Midgets, Thompsons, Sultanas, Currants, Monukkas, Zantes

Golden Raisins: Sizes: Jumbo, Large

Dried Fruit Mixes: Tropical Mixed Fruit, Whole Mixed Fruit  Additional dried fruit mixes are available upon request.


Sweetened Coconut:

  • Flake, Medium, Fancy, Macaroon, Short Shred
  • Packaged in 10, 25, and 50 pound boxes

Desiccated Coconut:

  • Macaroon, Medium, Extra Fine, Chips
  • Packed in 25 and 100 pound bags

Toasted Coconut:

  • Flake, Macaroon, Medium
  • Packaged in 25 or 50 pound boxes.
  • 10 pound boxes are available upon request.
Packaging Options:
  • Dried Fruits are packed in various sizes.
  • Packaging Options available upon request.