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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

Inshell Pecans - Fresh from the Orchard

Inshell pecan growers have developed many great pecan varieties; from their prosperous orchards they continue to produce and supply customers with the highest quality pecan products.

Our inshell pecan principals throughout the "Pecan Belt" continue to improve the pecan production process.  When selecting a variety to plant in the orchard, the important factors the growers consider are the precocity (the bearing age of the tree), harvest date, pollination type, nut size, and nut quality.

  • U.S. #1
  • U.S. #2


  • 25 pound corrugated boxes
  • 50 pound mesh sacks
  • 1,500 pound super sacks

Most Common Inshell Pecan Varieties

Cape Fear Desirables
Eastern Schley Western Schley
Pawnee Stuart Blend
Sumner Wichita


USDA (United States Standards for Grades of Shelled Pecans)