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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

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Our History

Debbie's grandfather, Mr. Robert Smith, owned and operated Central Hide Company located in Alexandria, Louisiana from 1937 to 1956. Central Hide Company purchased and sold hides, feeds, pecans and scrap metal. Mr. Smith purchased the inshell pecans from large and small farmers throughout the Southeastern portion of the United States for approximately 19 years. He shipped and sold the inshell pecans to various pecan shellers throughout the country. Mrs. Robert "Addie" Smith was also an integral part of the company, working alongside her husband and son-in-law, Shep, from 1937 to 1980 when she retired.

 Mr. Robert Smith
Mrs. Addie Smith

In 1948 Mr. Smith expanded his business. Debbie's father, Mr. Shep Roy, Sr., joined the inshell pecan operation and remained employed by his father-in-law until 1956. After the passing of Mr. Smith in 1956, the company exchanged hands to Mr. Shep Roy, Sr. In 1971, the inshell pecan operation was expanded by opening a pecan shelling plant, Central Pecan Shelling Company, which operated between the years of 1971 to 1984.

Mr. Shep Roy, Sr.
Mrs. Audrey Roy


Debbie began working for her father at the age of 13 years old purchasing inshell pecans at their main warehouse located in Mansura, Louisiana. During her years at Central Pecan Shelling Company, Debbie designed and created an attractive gift catalogue from which Fancy Shelled Pecans and pecan delicacies were sold nationwide. In addition to marketing and managing the gift shop, she was also a vital participant in the management of the plant's daily operations.


Shep Roy is Flanked by Bruce
and Debbie Roy, his son and daughter, in Central Pecan Shelling Company's Mansura, Louisiana, office.
(picture taken December 1981)



 Debbie and her mother, Mrs Audrey Roy,
planning their pecan displays for the World's
Fair in New Orleans, Louisiana
 (picture taken April 1984)


Debbie remained in various aspects of the nut industry until finally founding Debbie Roy Brokerage Company, Inc. in 1992. Today Debbie is a premier agent for the nut industry and one of the very few female brokers that markets a complete line of nuts and dried fruits.

Debbie is a veteran in the pecan industry, bringing over 40 years of experience to the trade. She works with both principals and customers providing ingredient marketing, sales, and service to customers procuring commodities, or assisting clients in developing new product lines.