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Debbie Roy Brokerage Company

Pecan Portfolio

In a Nut Shell

Characteristics and Health Benefits of Pecans

  • Appearance: Light, Light amber to amber
  • Texture:       Firm, crunchy
  • Flavor:         Rich, long lasting, versatile
  • Aroma:        Sweet
  • Nutrition:
    • Pecans are a natural high quality source of protein
    • Pecans contain natural antioxidants; Pecans are ranked highest in antioxidants among all nuts
    • Pecans are naturally sodium-free, have no cholesterol, and contain no very few carbohydrates
    • Pecans are high in monounsaturated fat, low in saturated fat and contain no Trans fat
    • Excellent source of Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, several B Vitamins and Zinc

Pecan Grades

  • Fancy Grade - Golden color, no defects
  • Choice Grade - Darker than fancy, no defects
  • Standard Grade - Harvest green (fuzzy kernels), mottled color, shriveled ends, etc.

Pecan Sizing Chart

Shelled Pecan Portfolio and Classifications


 Mammoth Halves

200-250 count per / lb.

440-550 per kg.

Junior Mammoth Halves

251-300 count per / lb.

551-660 per kg.

Jumbo Halves

301-350 count per / lb.

661-770 per kg. 

Extra Large Halves

351-400 count per / lb.

771-990 per kg. 



Large Halves

451-550 count per / lb.

991-1200 per kg.


Medium Halves

551-650 count per / lb.

1201-1430 per kg.


Topper Halves

651-800 count per / lb.

1431-1760 per kg.


Mammoth Pieces

over 9/19" screen

over 14.3mm


Extra Large Pieces

Through 9/16" over


Thru 14.3mm over


Large Pieces

Through 8/16" over


Thru 12.7mm over


Large / Medium Pieces

Through 6/16" over


Thru 9.5mm over


Medium Pieces

Through 5/16" over


Thru 7.9mm over



Small Pieces

Through 4/16" over


Thru 6.4mm over


Midget Pieces

Through 3/16" over


Thru 4.8mm over



Through 2/16" over


Thru 3.2mm over



Through 1/16"

Thru 1.6mm


Round Hole Screen

Pecan pieces are sized over round hole screens expressed in 1/64" of an inch.

Pecan Halves

Sized by count per pound

Organic Pecans 

Debbie Roy Brokerage Company, Inc. mandates and sells "Certified 100% Organic Pecans".

Sizes and Grades Are Available Upon Request